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15 years in the fast moving retail sector have sharpened our innovation, our support and our reporting skills to serve your products and especially their interaction with your consumers. Our singularity in the field marketing area is our real time flexibility thanks to a range of  softwares dedicated to the Belgian market. This specificity allows any “product manager” to follow the evolution of sales, promotions and products availability right from his smartphone.



Every year, 10% of our turnover is invested in the development of innovative IT solutions combining data, geolocation and case studies.

What about exploring visually and in real time how your products are showed in points of sale? Imagine the responsiveness, optimization and gains that this solution could bring you.

MetriShop is the essential tool for understanding the success of a sale


It’s important to have the accurate and reliable information about your product price and if it’s in more than 250 points of sales and in a short period of time, bingo! Store Check allows you to track your teams performance, to monitor the activity of your competitors and to set / adjust your business goals…

Is a solution allowing you to deeply know your market share, your stockouts and the relevance of your strategy. MetriShelf is a software of economic intelligence based on the “data mining” of more than 200 Belgian points of sales sources, on your products and those of your competitors as well.


Allows you to know in real time:

your brand presence on point of sales and its facing, your market share (range, brand, category, location) your “straat” (complete, rupture, …), your last relocation (more or less weight in presence) and your comparative presence (by chains, stores, regions, town, etc …)


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TopSales on daily bases hires different profiles for its various point-of-sale activation …
If your motivation and your ease to interact with people are more important than your experience. If you are flexible, persistent and good looking and finally if you own a car, then TopSales offers you:

Permanent / fixed-term contract

Missions in your area
Professional support and supervision

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